How We Work

We recognise the importance of developing close relationships with our clients and candidates.

Being open and transparent at all times and maintaining close contact with all parties during the process helps to ensure:


  • the avoidance of potential issues at an early stage
  • delivery within the agreed time frame
  • successful candidates and clients building sustainable, long term working relationships


In the first instance, we focus on the development of a comprehensive understanding of the requisite skills and experience for each role but also the culture and behaviour of the firms we work with.

We apply the same approach to candidates in order to establish not only their technical capabilities but also their interpersonal skills, crucial to ensuring a successful fit within a team and organisation.

Our candidate selection process ensures that each candidate presented to our clients has been interviewed twice by senior members of the team all of whom use behavioural interview techniques.

We are able to work with clients on either an Executive Search or Contingent Search basis.

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